4&20 Blackbirds landing in West Oakland

The Nest: West Oakland

West Oakland rests at the heart of converging revitalization. Far from dormant, this historically underserved and disenfranchised region represents the last bastion of the gritty, resourceful, enterprising dynamic of Oakland. With distinct visual character influenced by industrial blocks, multi-use residential zones, and a destitute urban landscape, West Oakland is “blighted” by social and economic conditions, underutilized commercial lots, vacant buildings, and graffiti. These characterizing factors are represented in the new development of the area-- unique industrial architecture, sanctioned displays of public art-- West Oakland’s vivid history and culture marks the character of the neighborhood. Ripe with adaptive repurposing of former warehouses and industrial builds, local activism, industrial arts, sustainable urban farming, and alternative lifestyle communities are a growing influence on the development, aesthetic, and accessibility of District 3.

And we couldn’t have found a better home. As members of this community, we are invested in improving the physical, environmental, social, and economic conditions of our neighborhood and strengthening social bonds throughout the community. Our future Cannabis Cultural Center delivers beyond the dispensary model-- stay tuned for the evolution of our community outreach, engagement, and education programs, vocational training, and events and entertainment on site.

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