4&20 Blackbirds Nominated for Best Strain and Best Delivery in the East Bay!

We are incredibly honored to be nominated among the best-established and award-winning cannabis delivery services-- THANK YOU! Our small and dedicated team has worked tirelessly to establish our place amid the ranks of the Best of the East Bay-- and the East Bay noticed. In sync with our devotion to quality and repping the best of the best, 4&20 Blackbird’s Strawberry Banana made a name for itself among the flowers of California’s finest farmers. Our heirloom grower has proven harvest after harvest that unwavering attention to detail and consistency pays off.

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4&20 Blackbirds' STRAWBERRY BANANA!

Strawberry Banana

Light green crystal-coated buds with frosty golden hairs. The initial aroma is ripe with strawberry and fresh cut grass while sweet cream lingers on your fingertips. The first flavors capture the whole berry--flesh and stem--floral with notes of mint and anise. Light smoke melts into a rich banana milkshake flavor with a bright earthy finish. Expertly cultivated, Strawberry Banana is a uniquely vibrant indoor hybrid.

4&20 Blackbirds is a cannabis culture collective founded in Oakland, CA dedicated to providing the Bay Area with a curated menu of small-batch flowers and artisanal cannabis goods. For decades, the Blackbirds network has been built from the ground up, providing our community with elite products and representing the authentic California cannabis lifestyle.

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