First Encounter: FLAVOR PROFILE

Higher Standard - First Encounter: Flavor Profile

The aroma and flavor profiles of cannabis are constructed by the unique chemical makeup of cannabinoids and terpenes present in each strain. They are also affected by the growing and cultivation conditions- nutrients, pesticides, and other chemicals present in each flower.

For example, the presence of chlorophyll in the flowers will produce a very bitter, hay-toned earthiness. The presence of chemical aroma can indicate trace amounts of chemicals in the flower, likely due to an incomplete flush.

Identifying flavor profiles is greatly influenced by the method of consumption. Combustion diminishes the purity and complexity of the flavor. This evaluation technique is suited towards the most widespread method of consumption- smoking.

The aroma can give you some insight on what type of flavors to expect, but be keen to the differences in the inhale and exhale, the ripening of the hit, the finish. Is it flavorful? Does it linger? Noticing the sensation of the hit also enhances our palate’s ability to place the flavor. For example, licorice and menthol have a cooling effect along with their rich flavors.

Understanding this notion helps us evaluate the mouthfeel of the smoke and finish from light and sparse to thick, sticky, flavorful, and lingering; smooth to harsh.

What we’re really looking for is what makes each bud special-- what makes each bud work for us. Knowing how to evaluate and characterize an array of flowers gives value to your palate and budget- consume wisely. Live by a higher standard.


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