First Encounter: APPEARANCE

First Encounter

First Encounter focuses on the sensory observations of flowers.

Upon careful inspection, we can use unique visual cues to discern several factors that contribute to the overall quality of superior flowers. We will focus on using these cues to develop keen eyes, identify the cream of the crop, categorize, and develop personal tastes.

APPEARANCE, especially bag appeal, is often the first thing you notice. Take your weed out of the bag.

Brown, monotonous, muted tones indicate shwag--poor-quality cannabis-- often a mix of sparse, lifeless nugs, loose shake, and stems--minimal cannabinoid, woody stalks that add dead weight. Known to be dry and compressed due to being stored and transported in bricks.

Mid-grade flowers, sometimes loose and leafy, sometimes crudely trimmed, offer more vibrant greens with colorful hairs and visible crystals.

Top-shelf buds showcase a broader range of colors from bright, frosty greens to rusty golds, to deep, glistering purples.

The coating resin, a combination of trichomes, can vary from fine and dusty to super thick and sticky. These crystalline compounds can coat the buds from stems to leaves, with varying degrees of density. Some nugs will be frosty white, others will glitter green and orange.

Upon magnification, the majority of the trichomes should be white. An overabundance of amber colored trichomes is an indication that the plant matured too long.

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