With any emerging industry comes a barrage of opportunity. The public trial of ideas and innovation. A flooded market. Life in the Bay Area is a life of balance and compromise. It is expensive to live and thrive here. Everyday, we make choices to make it work.

Cannabis appears to have increasingly complex--currently unregulated--assessments of quality and value. Labs are testing for hazardous contaminants and cannabinoid content, but the absence or presence of these don’t ensure potency. Just as certified organic doesn’t guarantee the flavor, consistency, and ultimately your enjoyment of an apple, specific growing practices and test results do not guarantee the quality of your cannabis. Additional criteria also contribute to the value of our provisions-- local sourcing, sustainable and ethical production, compliance under current legislation, social responsibility, to name a few.

At 4&20 Blackbirds, we rely on our expert network of farmers and producers to ensure our flowers and cannabis-goods meet more than the bare minimum. Our team of trained palates and cannabis-enthusiasts have taken note of industry standards. We seek to share a higher standard.

A HIGHER STANDARD is about setting the precedent for the cannabis experiences of today and the future. Our expertise and dedication guarantee that the quality and value of our cannabis and cannabis-goods is consistent and accessible. Cannabis is a complex substance. We want to arm our Blackbirds with the skills to gauge cannabis with confidence, commune over commitment to quality, and indulge in an elevated experience.

The first section in this series will establish evaluation techniques that focus on the [arguably] subjective characteristics of flowers. After we inspect the flowers to be sure they are safe to smoke--no mites, mold, or mildew--we evaluate each strain based on appearance, aroma, breakdown, flavor, and smoke-ability. As you tune in to these characteristics and develop your palate, you can begin to categorize the physical attributes and flavor profiles unique to each flower. Discerning the cerebral and physical properties of specific genetics helps you establish personal preferences, consume wisely, and derive enjoyment from each flower's particular properties.


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