Sunset Session

Last week, a handful of Blackbirds perched on a rooftop to enjoy a cup of tea, socialize over a light snack sourced from the local grocers, and commune with an exceptional array of cannabis and hand-crafted cannabis goods. Not so much a weed party, this sunset sesh united individuals to promote cordiality, intentional reflection, and celebrate an elevated Friday evening overlooking the Bay.

Like a fine wine, the effects of cannabis do not exist in a vacuum--pleasure and mindfulness come not only from the substance itself, but from the deriving consumer. Provoking light-hearted joy and deep empathy, cerebral relaxation and physical restoration, cannabis has been and will continue to be a common thread that ties us together, fosters community, and enhances our state of being.

We would like to take a moment to embrace the larger community of the Bay Area and reflect upon the tragic loss of life Oakland came to endure on Friday night. Our hearts go out to the families, friends, and communities suffering from this harrowing loss.

#Suset #TeaTime #BayArea #GlassPipes #Social #intentionalreflection

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