blackbird SESSIONS: Dave Brown

This week we caught up with Bay Area native, Dave Brown, local handyman, artist, and musician.

In addition to cultivating all the skills required of a professional handyman, Dave is an accomplished furniture and instrument maker, sourcing reclaimed wood and other materials for his craft. “You see a piece of wood and you know,” he explains, but committing the vision to action isn’t always so simple. Sawing it out, sanding, and spending a lot of time shaping can take up to 15 hours.. And a couple of days.

The commitment doesn’t end there. Making instruments, including lap steel guitar, and playing music is one way Dave melds his crafts together, showcasing his talents and expertise. Producing original music is one of his proudest achievements, playing bass, harmonica, and drums, singing and playing lead guitar in his band, The New Naturals.

“It’s all about compassion and gratitude,” Dave explains. Being a self-employed handyman, artist, and musician (in no particular order) allows him to create his own agenda, help his community, improve the lives of his clients, share his skills with music students, participate in the creation of free public art, and commune with other humans.

Dave the music teacher, Dave the handyman, Dave the guitar maker...A craftsman of many sorts, cannabis continues to be a common thread. He doesn’t have to separate his work self from his artist self, cannabis is an integrated part of work, life, and identity. In his words, cannabis lets him be himself, and his demeanor reflects the Blackbird spirit of community, “What can I do? What assets can I offer?” Dave cultivates his skills and passions not only to earn a living, but to give back and enjoy the journey

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