It’s legal. Let’s smoke…

Chip Moore

It’s legal. Let’s smoke…Find out what you need to know under legalization.

Card-holders, keep doing what you’re doing. Nothing changes for us until the recreational marketplace opens in January 2018--except the ability to share without penalty under state law until then. With Prop 64 officially in effect, adults age 21 and over can legally use, possess, and grow a limited amount of cannabis. Events that previously required a doctor’s recommendation are now open for adults, though it is still against the law to smoke or ingest weed in public..where enforced.

When sales licensing rolls out in 2018, on-site cannabis consumption permits will be next, but not in conjunction with the sale of alcohol and tobacco. Until then, it will be up to zoning laws and venue owners to enforce a ban on recreational cannabis consumption on premises such as bars or clubs.

It is still against the law to use marijuana and operate a vehicle. The California Highway Patrol will be responsible for developing protocols for determining if a driver is impaired by cannabis consumption. Despite the legalization of recreational marijuana across the west coast, marijuana cannot be carried across state lines, but prepare to venture out and discover the upcoming establishment of all manner of cannabis infused recreational activities, retreats, and resorts, licensed by the state.

Both recreational and medicinal cannabis remain illegal under federal law, and it’s likely to stay that way under Trump’s flippant leadership. Evidence suggests that drug policy isn’t a high priority. Despite support for cannabis by members of Congress, marijuana policy enforcement will ideally remain at the state level until federal prohibition comes to an end.

In the meantime, local legalization helps reform perceptions about marijuana and work towards normalizing responsible adult use. Keep in mind, marijuana has been utilized socially and medicinally across the globe for thousands of years, long before political institutions and big business declared its value.

Maybe now would be a good time to find out if cannabis is right for you.

If you do not have a doctor’s recommendation but would like to explore the cannabis marketplace before 2018, it’s not hard to See the Doctor.

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